"Insurance Company “OZOK Ins” AD (old name – “OZOK – Health Insurance” AD) is a joint-stock company registered in 2008 under the name “Municipal Health Insurance Fund” AD, with UIC 200140730. The Company has its headquarters and management address at: City of Sofia, 93-96 “Atanas Dalchev” St. and holds License No. 523-ZOD, dated May 15, 2008, for voluntary health insurance, issued by the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC).

Since its foundation until August 2013, the Company has offered the following products:

ü   Health improvement and disease prevention

ü   Outpatient medical care

ü   Hospital medical care

ü   Additional services

ü   Reimbursement of expenses for medicines

ü   Dental care

In accordance with the requirements of Section 29, para. 1 of the Transitional and final provisions to the Law on amendment and supplementation of the Health Insurance Law (State Gazette, issue 60 from August 7, 2012), “Municipal Health Insurance Fund” AD brought its activities in compliance with the Insurance Code (IC) and pursuant to Decision No. 619-OZ of the Financial Supervision Commission, dated August 7, 2013, it obtained a license for performing insurance activity under item 1 and item 2 of Section II, letter "A" of Appendix No. 1 of the Insurance Code, for all risks of insurances "Accident" and "Disease", under the name “OZOK – Health Insurance” AD.

On August 15, 2013, the respective changes arising from our re-licensing as an insurer were recorded, under the Company’s entry in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency.

Our name has been Insurance Company “OZOK Ins” AD since April 30, 2014.

By Decision No. 968-OZ of the Financial Supervision Commission, dated December 18, 2015, an additional license was granted to us, under Section II, letter "A" of Appendix No. 1 to the Insurance Code, namely:

ü  Under item 7 – “Cargo during transportation (including goods, baggage, and others)”

ü  Under item 8 – “ Fire and Natural Disasters” – all risks

ü  Under item 9 – “Other property damages” – all risks"

 (-OZOK ins)

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