"We were established in 2008 as a specialised voluntary health insurer in Bulgaria to secure upgrade and superior choice for individuals, families and various employers subjected within the laggard compulsory health insurance system of monopoly established by the governmentally controlled National Health Insurance Fund. DallBogg: Life & Health (name is part of popular good wish) is still a unique center of expertise in this insurance class in our home country preparing for the better times of opening for competition.

On the record is the 5th place in the national ranking for DallBogg – within the début year since establishment – among a total of 22 companies offering voluntary health insurance in Bulgaria. The Financial Supervision Commission official statistics testify for the robust growth and increasing efficiency of our company at all times.

Change in the law adopted in 2013 marked a turning point in DallBogg’s planning, capital increase and quality efficiency to become a full-flagged general insurer (cf. insurance products).

Since our company was founded, and as part of the larger company group of Commercial League, the passion to achieve quality at work has been exuberant. In 2012, DallBogg implemented and applied quality control system by an accredited certification authority – ISO 9001: v 2008. In 2016, we are confident in successfully passing the stress tests under Solvency 2.

Since 2014 DallBogg has grown as general (non-life) insurer within and from Bulgaria to neighboring Greece and Romania, then – in progress – to the entire region of Central and Western Europe. The international business, EU – centered, has significantly benefited and grown through our entry into the key South European insurance markets.

Passion to deliver on the promises – with utmost care for clients and brokers – is our savvy. We work tirelessly with enthusiasm to learn more and excel towards precision. Our expertise is to persevere and satisfy customers with customised insurance products and cost effective solutions. Nothing is to be left, in our company, on blind and randomised picks and choices. We are very transparent and predictable."


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