"We are…

Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency (BAEZ) is an insurance company offering insurance of receivables from export and transactions within Republic of Bulgaria. 

BAEZ has also developed schemes that facilitate access of the companies to credits and financing.

The Agency was founded in 1998 with share capital of BGN 10,000,500.
Since 2004 the sole shareholder in BAEZ is Republic of Bulgaria, represented at present by the Minister of Economy.

We offer…
Insurance of credit risks and opportunities for financing

We believe…
Trade receivables are an asset that deserves protection

We know…
That the nature of risk changes all the time and that is why we offer our clients the best insurance solutions

Our activity…

Is regulated by:

  • The Export Insurance Act (Activity on the state’s account);
  • Insurance Code (Activity on the account of BAEZ).

BAEZ insures on its own account (under the Insurance Code):

  • Payments against commercial marketable risk concerning the export towards countries, qualified as countries with marketable risk. These are the EU members and most of the OECD members;
  • Payments against commercial domestic risks, that occur in Republic of Bulgaria.

BAEZ insures on the account of the State (under the Export Insurance Act) payments against non-marketable commercial and political risk, related to export to the rest of the world. Under The Export Insurance Act, BAEZ insures also Bank credits for pre-shipment and Credits and financing, granted to SMEs, as well as for the industries of primary importance for the Bulgarian economy. In these cases State guarantees the insurance indemnifications by annually allocated funds in the State Budget.

We assure…

Protection against non-payment and opportunities for development of your business
Insurance of credit risks is one of the best solutions for a company to cover the risk of non-payment of its contractors. This could prevent or limit company’s collapses as well as its liquidity problems.
Deferred payments under export contracts of goods and services are established as practice in the internal and international trade. In order to develop their competitive advantages by offering the clients more profitable conditions and prices in the business transactions, suppliers take increased risk by trading under deferred payment condition. That is why insurance of the receivables of the export or domestic trade, allows the companies to decrease the risk of their business activity, to increase their volumes and to extend their activity on the new markets."


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