Customer Care - The company policy is focused on implementation of high quality standards in customer services; it aims to exceed the customer expectations by prompt and accurate underwriting and adequate and timely claims settlement; to develop its distribution channels in order to be closer to the customers, to provide flexible and timely decisions by client-orientated insurance products. Professionalism in our work - The company relies on competence and precision in its work to gain and retain the confidence of its clients. Business ethics - Leading principles in our relations with colleagues and partners are the compliance with the ethical standards, responsibility and loyalty and team spirit, active presence in the insurance market in the country.


A different „new” development of Armeec Jsc started in the year 2002, when Chimimport AD became a majority shareholder in the company. At present Armeec is already an established and preferred brand in the Bulgarian market.


The objectives followed by Armeec Jsc throughout the years are to develop outperforming the market and maintain the portfolio diversification and financial stability of the company. Our principle is that each problem can be solved, that business ethics is obligatory, and the formula of our success is “a clear and correct definition of objectives and motivation of the team”.



In the performance of its business activities Armeec Jsc persistently and strictly observes the following principles and rules:

  • Honesty and integrity– adherence to the legal and ethical standards in the performance of our duties and obligations;
  • Competence and professionalism – high-quality services provided by qualified, dedicated and motivated employees;
  • Innovation and effectiveness – prompt and successful identification of customer needs and meeting their requirements."



We provide a range of insurance that you might be looking for. Check these below.

Car insurance

  • Civili liabilty for vechicles 105,00 €
  • Casco 235,00 €
  • Self Help 240,00 €

Life Insurance

  • Investment 150,00 €
  • Healty 235,00 €
  • Risk Insurances and Accidents 240,00 €
  • Payment of amounts and benefits 355,00 €

General insurance

  • Insurance for the home 110,00 €
  • Travel insurance 235,00 €
  • Responsibilities 240,00 €

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